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– 1986: Completed most third year subjects in the four-year part time TAFE Accounting Certificate.

– 1988: Diploma of Remedial Massage, Naturecare College.

– Certificate of Shiatsu, Naturecare College.

– Certificate of Nutrition, Naturecare College.

– 1989: Certificate of Corrective Exercise Therapy, Naturecare College.

– Certificate of Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy, Naturecare College.

– Certificate of Counselling, Naturecare College.

– Travelled to France, Switzerland and Belgium for four months racing bicycles. Top 10 placings in first category amateur races in all three countries.

– Attended Vipassana 10 day Buddhist meditation course at Blackheath.

– 1989-present Vipassana meditator, completing 15 10 day courses and served a further 10 days at the center.

– 1990: Certificate in Chinese Massage, Naturecare College.

– Completed 26 day Outward Bound personal development-survival course, rainforests near Townsville and Hinchinbrook Island, Queensland

– Started working full time as masseur in doctors’ clinic in preparation to support of studies at UTS. Was booked out in clinic for one month in advance after four months. Continue to be booked out for at least one week in advance as practitioner to this day.

– 1991: Commenced Bachelor of Applied Science UTS, initially Acupuncture Colleges Australia, course transferred to UTS in 1992.

– 1991-1992: Student academic representative to board of studies, Acupuncture Colleges Australia.

– 1994: Travelled to Guangzhou, China as part of TCM degree for one month.

– 1995: Opened Wentworth Clinic; 

– Completed Bachelor of Applied Science UTS, graduating in 1996.

– 1999: Visited England to investigate the Worsley School of acupuncture, both at Lemington Spa College and spending a day each with seven of the style’s leading professionals around England. Obtained a copy of and studied the Worsley style’s notes. Met with Ms Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.

– Developed and designed and launched a web-based, call centre serviced diary application servicing practitioners and other time based professionals. Incorporated company called Receptions Offsite and was managing director of ‘dot com’ start-up company (1999-2000). Filed priority date with patent office relating to innovations in software concepts. Successfully approached, presented to and created great interest with senior management at Telstra, Vodafone and ‘angel’ venture capital investors as possible partners in the project prior to the tech crash of 2000, after crash, sold controlling interest in the company to software development partner.

– Flown to Hawaii all expenses paid by Layne Beachley (seven times world women’s professional surfing champion) for two weeks to act as her personal masseur-acupuncturist treating an acute injury which threatened to stop her competing and winning her fifth world championship. I was Layne’s masseur/acupuncturist for her entire professional career (1989-2006)

– 2001-2004: Completed a Masters in Electrical and Information Engineering Research (MER) at Sydney University exploring the electrical characteristics of the acupuncture meridian system. Designed, built and validated an automated computer controlled device to measure the impedance of the whole meridian system. Conducted pilot study, obtained ethics approval from Sydney University, collecting data.

– 2002: Completed Manaka Protocols Certificate (Japanese acupuncture)

– Assisted Mr Paul Movsessian teaching Manaka Protocols in Melbourne at 8 weekend workshops.

– 2003: Worked at UTS as a student clinical supervisor relieving Ms Siu Ping for 3 months while she was on leave

– Completed Toyohari program with Dr Stephen Birch and Mr Paul Movsessian and visiting Japanese senior practitioners.

– Visited Japan for summer conference of Toyohari acupuncture.

– 2004: Presented paper at WFAS Brisbane titled ‘An Initial Investigation of the Electrical Properties of the Human Body using the Meridian Electrical Data System (MEDS)’ summarising MER at Sydney University.

– Guest lecturer in practice management at UTS

Commenced PhD at UTS under Chris Zaslawski and John Reizes

– CNSW Masters 4 cyclist of the year

– Assistant teacher Tui Na unit at UTS assisting Sean Wallace

– Guest lecturer in practice management at UTS

– Obtained approvals for data collection from humans and Meridian Electrical Data System (MEDS) from UTS ethics committee, organised and collected data in an inter-rater reliability trial between five TCM practitioners and a Korean sourced TCM questionnaire. Liaised with translators to translate Korean questionnaire.

– Obtained AACMA research grant.

– 2009: Conducted sprint racing workshop at Dunc Gray velodrome, teaching elementary aspects of track sprinting to novice track riders.

– Presented paper at AAAMAC Melbourne called ‘Can a questionnaire replace a practitioner?’ reporting about TCM questionnaires and inter-rater reliability of TCM practitioners.

– Presented at WAFAS international Chinese medical conference in Sydney

– commenced True Results, a web based software program that records Chinese Medical treatment data with Jurgen Schmechel

– 2014 Presented a paper and two posters at the prestigious SAR conference in Beijing. Was one of only 16 junior presenters to be accepted from a worldwide pool.

– 2015 Presented two papers at AACMAC in Adelaide. Launched the True Results program at the conference

-2016 Completed PhD in improving diagnostic reliability in Chinese Medicine.

-2019 Published a three paper series on diagnostic reliability in the Journal of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. Received a positive review in a letter to the editor by high profile academic Stephen Birch in the same special edition.

-2019-2021, director of AACMA, the largest TCM professional association in Australia. Duties included being a member of the finance, audit and risk and ethics and discipline committees.

-2023, rebranded and relaunched True Results as the TCMCR. 


– 1991 to present: 23 years full time clinical experience consisting of the following;

– 1991-1995: Worked full time as a masseur at Doctor’s rooms whilst studying full time TCM at UTS.

– 1995-1999: Set up and managed Wentworth Clinic, a three room clinic with four practitioners; by 1998 the business had expanded to 8 rooms, a full time practice manager, two part time staff and 14 practitioners including a GP and osteopath, acupuncturists, masseurs and psychologist.

– 1999 to present: working from a smaller clinic of three rooms subletting to a smaller number other professionals than previously; including masseurs, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists and psychologists from time to time.


-Competitive and social dancing

-Competitive road and track cyclist on and off from 1975 to 2013. Multiple NSW and Australian champion cyclist, silver medallist World Masters Games, and twice silver medallist in UCI World Masters Track Championships

– Level 1 cycling coach: coaching elite, masters and paralympic cyclists on road and track at club, NSW national and UCI world championship levels.

– Exercise physiology and sports performance.

– Meditation.

-Esoteric studies. Was a student of Doctor Philip Groves for 10 years until 2000, Dr Grove taught the 4th way of Gurdjieff and the mystical teachings of Swedenborg.

– Bush walking.

– Information Technology.


– Member of AACMA for 20+ years.


– Professor John Reizes: 

ph 0416 200 288, email